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Being repeatedly targeted and harassed with disputable/arbitrary deletions of answers by a specific moderator

There's a specific moderator who keeps following me around on this forum and unilaterally deleting my useful answers, writing them off as "rants" within minutes of posting with no consideration of the answers' merits or how useful they are. Where can I report toxic behavior such as this?

I also recommend restructuring the moderation system so deletion of a post requires a consensus from multiple people (at the very minimum requiring 2 moderators to delete a post). General practice should be that all posts must be allowed to stand for a few days before being considered for deletion (except in extreme cases calling for expedited deletion such as illegal content/links, dangerous misinformation, and obvious off-topic spam or soliciting).

Just because 1 moderator doesn't think something is an answer doesn't make it invalid. if my answer's crap, let the community decide and pile on the downvotes. There are only a few specific and egregious cases where an answer should be expeditiously deleted.

If nothing is done about this I will stop contributing answers to this subforum/exchange and encourage others to do so in protest.