We had a question today about if it was possible to recover saved passwords from Firefox on Linux. While I certainly thing the question of IF it is possible is on topic as it is asking about a security concern. If the user want's to know how to recover the passwords, is it then off topic?

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Personally, I think at that point it would be off topic since it is talking about how to use a particular piece of software and access data in it. It's also effectively something the software is supposed to do (since you can't use a saved password without the system being able to access it.) It's not really a security question anymore, but then again, I suppose best ways to try and crack a weak encryption would be, so I'm not sure if it is on-topic or not. I wanted to see what other people's thoughts were on something like this.

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    To my mind, it boils down to whether it's a question of tools or techniques. Questions regarding use of tools to recover passwords would be better served on SuperUser, while techniques to recover passwords should be on-topic here (or possibly at Crypto.SE). Once we go from "how" to "what" the topicality changes. Commented Jan 25, 2013 at 14:36

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