We have a fair number of questions that refer to RainbowTables or HashTables in one way or another. Given that RainbowTables and HashTables:

  1. Serve different purposes
  2. Are easily confused
  3. Similar, but not close enough for be called a synonym of each other


  • Should we have tags representing each of them?

  • If the asker tags their question "HashTable" when they really want to discuss "RainbowTables" should the question be retagged as appropriate?

The goal is so that I can add these questions to "favorite" or "ignored" as appropriate, and also easily search within that body of knowledge.

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    I only found a single question about hash-tables. So I don't see why we should have a tag for them. Feb 7, 2013 at 19:19

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I think that currently this isn't an issue, as @codes pointed out. As we grow out may end up being needed, but the general SE consensus is that there is no need to create tags until they serve a purpose.


I don't think we need a tag for either hash tables or rainbow tables. Hash tables aren't widely mentioned. Rainbow tables are easy to search for (just search for rainbow table!) and don't seem to need a special tag of their own. So, I don't think any new tags are needed.

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