As you can see from the screenshot the ips tag says intrusion detection when mouse is hovered over the tag and when I clicked on the tag to edit the wiki it takes me to the right tag that is ids.

Theoretically these two are different terms.


This is not a bug, IPS - aka Intrustion Protection System - and IDS (Intrustion Detection System) are similar products, with a similar set of technologies.
IPS really is the evolution of IDS, and almost all (I think maybe all) IDS vendors have rebranded their offerings as IPS.

That is why is a synonym for , as is .

  • ohk..I was thinking from a theoretical point of view
    – Shurmajee
    Apr 15 '13 at 11:08
  • 1
    Well theoretically, these can both be considered part of IDPS, or even one a subset of the other. Realistically, the difference is really just a small question of feature-set, or even more often a question of marketing-speak. Like e.g. the difference between IdM and IAM - yesterday's IdM is today's IAM.
    – AviD Mod
    Apr 15 '13 at 11:22

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