There are quite a lot of questions about browser extensions and add-ons. However, there's no tag dedicated to them.

I want to create and add the tag to the relevant questions. However, since I don't have free edit privileges yet, this is going to put some load on the reviewers. And because of the edit, questions will be bumped to the front page.

Considering this, is it all right if I edit questions to add (I will address other issues in the question, if existent)?

This is a sample of the questions I want to edit:

Picked from search: extension is:question (sort by New, 50 results per page):

Picked from search: plugin is:question -extension (it's a common mistake to mix the terms "plugin" and "extension")

[ 1 ] Questions about specific browser extensions would also fall in the scope of .

I won't retag questions about Flash, Java, ... plug-ins, because a plug-in is generally not browser extension, and would only clutter the search results within the new tag.

  • This sounds good. Don't worry about the burden on reviewers, we'll suck it up. Clobbering the front page is more of a worry. How many questions do you think need this tag? Do you have a sample? Jun 27, 2013 at 0:34
  • @Gilles I've found 12 questions in two searches (filtered from 261 questions). It'll be retagged in reverse "active" order to make sure that the "active" tab of the tag is accurate.
    – Rob W
    Jun 27, 2013 at 8:45

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The tag sounds good to me in principle.

12 questions is ok to do in one go.

I'm not sure we really need to make the distinction between plugins and extensions (it's a bit of an implementation detail), but many of these questions aren't tagged anyway and it's easier to merge tags than split them.

I say go for it. (Please wait a little to see if there are counter-arguments though.)

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