Let's participate in the ASIS CTF as team Sec.SE.

What is it all about?

There are many contests around the world named CTF, Attack-Defence or Cyber Security; ASIS-CTF is one of them! ASIS-CTF is Task-based (Jeopardy) and the questions is organised in these categories:

  • General security information (trivia)
  • Web hacking
  • Cryptography protocols and implementations
  • Security of software systems
  • Digital forensics
  • Reverse engineering
  • Steganography
  • Misc

ASIS-CTF 2013 will be available online for every one, and the contest will begin on Aug 29, 2013 18:00 IRDT and lasts for 48 hours. (be careful, every time that we announce is in IRDT time zone) are you ready for registration? or want to read the rules first.

As usual, the team communicates through the CTF team chatroom. Shortly before the competition, the room will be switched to private and the team password will be posted to the room. Participation is open to anyone with participation on Security Stack Exchange or related Stack Exchange sites — ping one of us on the meta post or in the DMZ to request access.

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