The annual OWASP AppSec Israel Conference will take place this year on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, between 9:00 and 17:00, at the IDC in Herzliya (Israel).

OWASP Israel is the largest conference in the region for Application Security, and regularly draws over 300 participants – don’t miss it!

The Conference will include lecture tracks, and also a sponsors display area for vendors of products relevant to Application Security.
The list of talks are really fascinating, with some of the “regular” speakers from Ernst&Young, AppSec Labs, Checkmarx and others, and some new speakers. Topics will range from high-level insights to demoing brand new technical research.

The conference is free to attend, as always.

If you are indigenous to that region, or just happen to be in the area, I hope you will make it to the conference - and I would love to meet up!

So, is anybody here going to be at this conference?

Also - if you are at the conference and a Sec.SE user - I just might have a special gift for you (assuming the package makes it here in time)... ;-)
So be sure to find me...!

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If you missed it, or were there and were not able to catch all the sessions, most of these have been recorded. The videos are now online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTmd7ahBXAU&list=SPA4gj-PiNukdr7SY4XKoF4xhb0XZYw-WI .

You can find the session abstracts and speaker bios on the conference page.

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