I keep seeing 'Suggested edits' like this appearing where an "Anonymous user" is editing the question and makes it sound like the OP is the one making the edit. See below: Op Anon?

Is this actually a random anonymous user just tacking on or is it the OP who's just to lazy to log in or something else?


There is no way to tell. Sometimes users, especially new ones who don't necessarily know how the site works, well post without logging back in.

Other times it seems like a different user - if so I tend to reject the edit and give a reason.

  • Agreed. In addition, for the particular example you listed, no matter whether it was the original poster or not, that looks like a pretty low-quality edit. (I know, it doesn't show context, so I probably shouldn't judge without the surrounding context, but... this is not how questions should be edited, in an ideal world. Ideally, the result of an edit should be a revised question that, if it stood alone, would be a good question.) – D.W. Sep 23 '13 at 20:10

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