https://superuser.com/questions/726050/how-can-i-hide-iis-smtp-version-number Has been moved to SuperUser.

It's been upvoted three times here (security) and afterwards moved to SU.

Can anyone give me reasons why this question has been migrated? I found this community better to place the question. Else it would have been ServerFault but not SuperUser?!


This question is about IIS configuration. Nothing about it is related to security.

Yes, you may think that there is a security benefit in hiding the IIS version number. (But I think you're wrong. Hiding the fact that you're running a vulnerable version doesn't make it less vulnerable.) The question “is there a security benefit in hiding the IIS version number?” would be a security question and on-topic here. But this question merely asks how to change the configuration, it's a pure how-to question that isn't about security. It's squarely off-topic here.

Security.SE has a migration path to Super User, but not Server Fault. Server Fault only wants questions from professional system administrators about enterprise hardware and software; if there is any doubt, they don't want the question. In particular, just because the question is about a server doesn't make it on-topic for Server Fault.

  • Thanks for the thumbs up, I get the point now. I've added a new question now with your idea. Thanks!
    – Rob
    Mar 10 '14 at 13:26

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