The section regarding what kinds of questions are suitable or not on the site on our tour page (formerly known as /about) only contains generic wording derived from the site description:

Ask about...

  • Specific issues regarding the protection of assets from threats and vulnerabilities
  • Real problems or questions that you’ve encountered

Don't ask about...

  • Anything not directly related to Information security
  • Questions that are primarily opinion-based
  • Questions with too many possible answers or that would require an extremely long answer

We should update this to cover the most common issues. The “ask about” list should be a summary of what we have in the help/on-topic page (the old /faq#on-topic). The “don't ask about” list should cover our commonly-used close reasons (e.g. a line to refer to SU/SF/U&L/… for questions like “how do I configure my firewall”).

This is a call for wording proposals. Please keep in mind that the lists should remain manageable — 3—4 items tops. They don't have to be lists (only the leading “(don't) ask about” text is imposed), but that's usually an effective format.

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