Due to fundamental insecurity of , should we synonymize it with and make the tag wiki the same for both?

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I'd agree: we have 77 tagged and of the 11 tagged , 6 are definitely to do with USB drives. The other 5 are around the firmware attack.

If we have these set as synonyms, it's not going to adversely impact readability, and could help us.


No, is not the same thing as .

Most questions about USB something are about removable drives in general, and the fact that they happen to be connected over USB is just a matter of today's dominant technology. Maybe we should synonymize to .

We have a few questions about USB itself or about removable devices in general. I just went and retagged a few questions that were really about USB drives. That still leaves some questions about USB itself, justifying a separate tag.

  • I agree USB is a standard. Where-as a USB-drive is a storage device that uses USB to transfer data.
    – Brian Duke
    Nov 28, 2014 at 20:04

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