Would it be worthwhile to create functionality similar to 'favorites' where you can 'star' any post (not just questions, but answers) and place this 'starred' post in a little bucket on your topbar (perhaps inbox?). The idea here is to create a kind of 'read later' area for posts that you just dont have time to read through entirely (or research all their links/etc). In fact, it would be great if when you click the 'star' a tiny message box appears asking you to optionally add a quick note [to yourself].

I find myself doing this anyway with notepad. For instance, I see a post I like and click the share button (to get the url to just the post) and then plop that in notepade with a brief note to 'talk to joe about this' or 'research more about x [in this post]'.

Am I just being wistful or would this help others?


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