I have a two related questions:

  1. If a question goes for a long time unanswered, what can we do to get more attention brought to it?

  2. If it goes on for too long unanswered, can we republish the question again?

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    Editing the question bumps it up the front page. But editing solely for the purpose of bumping up is frowned upon. When you have a bit more rep, you can also set a bounty.
    – paj28
    May 16, 2016 at 8:38

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The preferred mechanism for this is the Bounty. Once you have enough rep you can set a bounty on your question (or other people's questions.)

This highlights the question, and generates interest.

Publishing the question again is definitely frowned upon - this will get closed very quickly, and will likely get you down votes.

As @paj28 commented, editing a question does bump it up, but you need a reason for editing - you must improve it, add some additional useful information etc., not just edit it bump it.

That said, you don't currently have any questions that are old - your oldest one is only 4 days old, so I wouldn't be thinking about this yet.

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