I found [Closed] questions when I was was randomly browsing the active and hot questions tabs. And I must say that I can't say that I feel that closed questions should be active. And I feel that a hot question is anything but closed.

I have seen Closed (Off Topic) Questions show up in “Related Questions” list - feature request. but I feel that this is a different issue.

Or have I misunderstood how active and hot work?

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The 'active' tab is a list of the questions sorted by when they were asked, answered, or updated. The 'hot' tab is sorted by the hotness algorithm.

A closed question is not deleted. It can be edited, fixed, and re-opened. We need people to see closed questions so appropriate actions can be taken (fixed or deleted). A question being closed does not affect where you would expect them to appear in the "active" or "hot" sort order.

  • Ok, thank you for explaining how the system works. Apr 25, 2011 at 16:23

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