I asked a question that was closed, migrated, then rejected.

Suppose I were to purchase a new domain of .financial, hence my email would be chris@company.financial.


  • What assurances are there that the root name server, the registrar infrastructure will be in place for X years?

  • What financial backing exists to insure their operation for those X years?

  • Solve for X. ;)

In my perspective this has implications with fault tolerance, SSL certificates, spoofing, and risks involved in a change-of-control of a TLD.

Risk scenario

Suppose china buys all the non profitable TLDs, such as .financial. My hard links wouldn't have the same security guarantees as first offered. DNSSec, DANE Certificates and more will make the most prudent end user unaware of the change in security.


Where should this question go?

  • If you had a (proposed) contract of sale it might lead to some questions that would work on Law.SE, such as "Does this contract encumber ownership of the TLD and would that prevent sale/transfer of the TLD to a foreign entity?" You'd want to have the actual terms of the agreement before asking, though.
    – Ben Voigt
    Jan 28 '17 at 16:20

I think Webmasters.SE would be the best fit. There are a lot of domain registration questions on there and I would expect experts in this field to be lurking there.


Of your three questions, I can't imagine any would work anywhere on Stack Exchange.

  1. no-one gives assurances on this
  2. only speculation possible
  3. what?

There are no actual real answerable quests there.

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