Currently my user page https://security.stackexchange.com/users/5133/curiousguy?tab=reputation contains:

<a class="youarehere" href="/users/5133/curiousguy?tab=reputation" title="reputation you have earned" data-shortcut="R">
                        <span class='bounty-indicator-tab'>-3823</span>

-3823 is the largest absolute reputation change I have seen. I am not worried, my reputation graph seems to be mostly monotonic, but that is odd!

(I don't consult that user page often as I use the message box to see replies and events.)

I have seen only one "User was removed" event:

-10 May 14

-10 21:03 removed User was removed (learn more)


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My first thought was that you were at rank change, but your code snippet shows something else. This appears to be a bug that's currently unsolved. It seems to not actually touch your reputation, see Where has my 24922 rep gone? at the SEmeta site.

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