The question "Why can I log in to my Facebook account with a misspelled email/password?" was asked yesterday, and a very well-written answer gathered nearly 200 upvotes in about a day (I assume the question went to HNQ).

Roughly 16 hours ago, the question was marked as duplicate of "Facebook password lowercase and uppercase", which is in essence the same question. The answer to this question comes to the same conclusion, but somewhat lacks depth and - more importantly - does not cite an official source.

Is this question still considered a duplicate? Or should the older question be marked as a duplicate of the newer, better question (which I have seen several times happen already for this very reason).

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    I was debating this question myself yesterday.
    – schroeder Mod
    Commented Aug 8, 2019 at 11:03

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If a newer question encompasses a wider and a more detailed field of view, then I think it could be the core question and the older one made a dupe.

In your example, the older question really only focuses on the capital letters, which could be explained by the password mechanism doing an upper() or lower() function. The newer question blows the scope wide open, which makes it far more interesting and more impactful.

So, I would vote to make the older one a dupe of the newer one.

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