I don't know if its true, but i'm sure people would like it to read questions, answers and other main text that are in the Georgia font instead of the current Arial. What's the difference?

As you see, the text block on the top is Arial, the text block on the bottom is in Georgia. I think its a little change but for me it reads faster and give me a better user-experience. This font is also applied on Math.SE.

What do you think?

enter image description here


Currently your only option if you want different fonts is to write or copy a user script that does it.

There is definitely no way SE will do this, they have actually rationalised designs and fonts across all the sites to avoid differences.

One a personal note, in my opinion your font choice makes things harder to read for me.

  • Absolutely, its a worse font IMO. There are other fonts that are better than Arial, if we were to have that option - but we don't. (Btw though there are other fonts I prefer - there are very good reasons to go with Arial anyway, including ubiquity and commonness. ) – AviD Sep 2 '19 at 21:45

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