I asked the following question on WorldBuilding SE.

How can invading aliens access the Internet to find out all about us?

I now find that I am unqualified to judge the best answer. These range from "It's impossible" to "It's easy".


Is there any on-topic question I can ask on IS that will help me judge the answers?

For example

I could ask an expert here to judge for me - but that seems unlikely to be on-topic.

I could ask a similar but more specific question here and compare the results.

Something else that I haven't thought of.


The question you've asked is not a security question, so it would not be on-topic here. You're asking about networking basics.

And Renan's answer has the technical details you require.

  • Thanks. One of my concerns that the aliens would at least have to break through some security barriers but, if that's not an issue I'll accept your advice. – chasly - supports Monica Sep 11 '20 at 17:25

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