Auth0 was supposed to be sponsoring us from September to January 31, 2022. The sponsorship had duly ended, but I've noticed that the Auth0 logo has appeared again. Is this a bug, or did Auth0 start sponsoring us again? If so, why were we not informed beforehand?

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    Logo seems to have disappeared now, I guess it was just a bug.
    – nobody
    Apr 13, 2022 at 22:07

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Auth0 will be sponsoring the site again beginning on April 21st. I just posted the announcement. It went live by accident earlier than it was supposed to. Sorry for the confusion.


The logo is gone now, so it was probably just a bug. The timing of this bug (and perhaps fix as well) seems to have coincided with this network-wide bug: Every site just turned blue. Although I cannot see why a CSS bug would cause the Auth0 logo to appear, they may have been related.

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