In the spirit of this thread, I would like to know if I tagged this question correctly.

I've tagged it as security-awareness, as I think being aware of major updates and security issues of piece of software one is dependant is a good way to be able to know and mitigate security risks oneself. As an after-thought, I thought about using the tag best-practice. In the end, I'm not sure either is either qualified, and maybe a new tag is needed, but I couldn't say which one.

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Hmm... That's a tough one, since in truth I don't expect there to be as many questions around that.
I think awareness was a good choice, best-practice seems generic enough for most questions (I'm not really sure what it is even meant to cover).
Perhaps another tag around updates or patching would be appropriate, but as I said I don't foresee many questions filling this tag (except for maybe around OS-updates, but still not a lot).


Interesting coincidence, since that is the first question I re-tagged after earning the ability to do so.

I added these: tools known-vulnerabilities java. Perhaps a new one for "development" would make sense and be widely applicable.

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