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Please list a question that is relevent for one or more Black Hat Briefings. Descriptions for each talk can be found at Black Hat ® Technical Security Conference: USA 2011

  • Faces Of Facebook-Or, How The Largest Real ID Database In The World Came To Be
  • Security When Nano-seconds Count
  • War Texting: Identifying and Interacting with Devices on the Telephone Network
  • Automated Detection of HPP Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
  • Exploiting Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs
  • Femtocells: A poisonous needle in the operator's hay stack
  • Post Memory Corruption Memory Analysis
  • Pulp Google Hacking:The Next Generation Search Engine Hacking Arsenal
  • Beyond files undeleting: OWADE
  • Physical Memory Forensics for Cache
  • Lives On The Line: Defending Crisis Maps in Libya, Sudan, and Pakistan
  • Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity–(AKA) CYBERLAW: A Year in Review, Cases, issues, your questions my (alleged) answers
  • Apple iOS Security Evaluation: Vulnerability Analysis and Data Encryption
  • Mobile Malware Madness, and How To Cap the Mad Hatters
  • USB: Undermining Security Barriers
  • Bit-squatting: DNS Hijacking without exploitation
  • Virtualization Under Attack: Breaking out of KVM
  • Exploiting the iOS Kernel
  • Spy-Sense: Spyware Tool for Executing Stealthy Exploits Against Sensor Networks
  • Tamper Evident Seals: Design and Security
  • The Law of Mobile Privacy and Security
  • PANEL: Trillions of Lines of Code and Counting: Securing Applications At Scale
  • Smartfuzzing The Web: Carpe Vestra Foramina
  • Hacking Androids for Profit
  • Hacking Google Chrome OS
  • Don't Drop the SOAP: Real World Web Service Testing for Web Hackers
  • Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011
  • Chip & PIN is definitely broken
  • ARM exploitation ROPmap
  • Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Inside the Android Security Patch Lifecycle
  • Hacking and Forensicating an Oracle Database Server
  • Windows Hooks of Death: Kernel Attacks Through User-Mode Callbacks
  • SSL And The Future Of Authenticity
  • Hacking .Net Applications: The Black Arts
  • Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit
  • Vulnerabilities of Wireless Water Meter Networks
  • Battery Firmware Hacking
  • From Redmond with Love!
  • Owning the Routing Table: New OSPF Attacks
  • Reviving Smart Card Analysis
  • Sophail: A Critical Analysis of Sophos Antivirus
  • Exploiting USB Devices with Arduino
  • Microsoft Vista: NDA-less The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Aerial Cyber Apocalypse: If we can do it... they can too.
  • A Crushing Blow At the Heart of SAP J2EE Engine
  • Crypto for Pentesters
  • Hacking Medical Devices for Fun and Insulin: Breaking the Human SCADA System
  • Attacking Clientside JIT Compilers
  • Analyzing SPDY: Getting to know the new web protocol
  • Playing In The Reader X Sandbox
  • Inside Apple's MDM Black Box
  • Reverse Engineering Browser Components: Dissecting and Hacking Silverlight, HTML 5 and Flex
  • PANEL: Owning Your Phone at Every Layer
  • Sour Pickles
  • Macs in the Age of the APT
  • Server-Side JavaScript Injection: Attacking NoSQL and Node.js
  • Corporate Espionage for Dummies: The Hidden Threat of Embedded Web Servers
  • Staring into the Abyss: The Dark Side of Security and Professional Intelligence
  • Weapons of Targeted Attack: Modern Document Exploit Techniques
  • Constant Insecurity: Things you didn't know about (PE) Portable Executable file format
  • Sticking to the Facts: Scientific Study of Static Analysis Tools
  • The Rustock Botnet Takedown
  • Vulnerability Extrapolation or 'Give me more Bugs like that, please?'
  • WORKSHOP - Investigating Live CDs using Volatility and Physical Memory Analysis
  • WORKSHOP - Easy and quick vulnerability hunting in Windows
  • WORKSHOP - Binary Instrumentation Workshop for Security Experts
  • WORKSHOP - Infosec 2021: A Career Odyssey
  • WORKSHOP - Advanced Wi-Fi Security Penetration Testing
  • WORKSHOP - Breaking Encryption in the Cloud: Cheap, GPU Assisted Supercomputing for Everyone
  • WORKSHOP - Zero Day Malware Cleaning with the Sysinternals Tools
  • WORKSHOP - Pentesting the Smart Grid
  • WORKSHOP - The Art of Exploiting Lesser Known Injection Flaws
  • Affiliate Programs: Legitimate Business or Fuelling Cybercrime?
  • Overcoming iOS Data Protection to Re-enable iPhone Forensic
  • PPI-Geolocation: The Next Generation of 802.11 Visualization and Geo-Location
  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt: The Honeymoon Effect and the Role of Legacy Code in Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
  • The Troika of E-Discovery: Ethics, ESI, and Expertise in a Web 2.0 World
  • Killing the Myth of Cisco IOS Diversity: Towards Reliable, Large-Scale Exploitation of Cisco IOS
  • IEEE Software Taggant System
  • OAuth – Securing the Insecure
  • Heap Spray Detection with Heap Inspector
  • Function Rerouting from Kernel Land "Hades"
  • The Ultimate Study of Real-Life SSL Issues
  • SSH as the next back door. Are you giving hackers root access?

(highlight briefings in bold as we provide links to questions)

  • @Zuly-Gonzalez What briefings were you planning on attending or tweeting about?
    – this.josh
    Aug 2, 2011 at 20:02
  • Oh man, I'm just seeing this thread now. That sucks! This is a great list @this.josh. I wish I had seen it before. Although this list is still useful. Defcon is going on now and they tend to redo some of the same talks. Here's the schedule for those interested. I'll start tweeting these. Aug 6, 2011 at 23:13

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For the Briefing: Hacking Androids for Profit we could link through to

Best practices for securing an Android device

Android API development security pitfalls


Briefing: Mobile Malware Madness, and How To Cap the Mad Hatters

Can a mobile phone battery contain malware?

Vulnerabilities common only in mobile solutions?

please add or modify as you see fit...


Briefing: Post Memory Corruption Memory Analysis

How does System Memory Dump work?

please add or modify as you see fit...

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