I didn't know where to post this question - maybe in metastackoverflow - but I thought that people interesed in security may also be interested in reverse engineering.

How about a separate stackexchange site for reverse engineering (not only malware or for exploits but all kinds of reverse code engineering (maybe even hardware reverse engineering but i guess not many people are doing that since it's more expensive etc.)


It could well be an MSO on-topic question, however I think you have the right audience here - might move it to meta.security though.

@George has given good advice - if you think there is a big enough audience the best route is to create a new Area51 proposal, however there are a couple of gotchas:

  • in many countries reverse engineering is illegal (which might reduce your possible audience)
  • are you going to have enough 'good questions' in the reverse engineering topic to make it qualify?

  • currently, if you have a well-structured reverse-engineering question it would be on topic here, so why would we need to create a new site?


If you wish to make a new StackExchange site for your own use so you can reverse engineer, check with Meta Stack Overflow, but don't get your hopes up.

If on the other hand, you wish to recommend that a new StackExchange be created for public use, go to Area 51, search the existing sites, and you will find that you were not the only person who wants this.


The art and process of reverse engineering is legal (in most places) even if reverse engineering a multitude of covered products isn't. Questions like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4798356/amd64-nopw-assembly-instruction can use their own home. I'd say go for it. I'd sign on as a committer to an Area 51 proposal.


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