I think my computer is infected into a new virus! Can i ask some question about treats of this virus? Microsoft Security Essentials can't find it!


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This seems to be a question for superuser.com


@Jalal, as @Rory said, this is not the right place for this.

IT Security is a place to discuss the principles of security, privacy, risk analysis and management, and so forth, especially as apply to IT, companies, and products.

Details of a specific virus, antivirus product, or how to fix your computer, are definitely out of scope.


I'm for HoLyVieR's suggestion of putting this in the FAQ. Can we put this question in the FAQ?


I agree with the other answers, this type of question would not be on-topic for security.stackexchange.com. Of course, the question "is this question on-topic" is on-topic for meta.security.stackexchange.com...and now my head hurts :).


It might make sense to have questions about secure means of mitigating virus damage (for example in a specific OS environment or as part of a specific infrastructure.

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