I wanted to throw this up so that we have a place to list proposed Question of the Week Blog posts, for future reference. This question should have two CW answers:

  • Questions which have been featured in the blog.
    • This includes the main QotW feature, and other questions directly linked in the blog post.
    • This should also include questions featured in other blog posts.
    • These questions should not be the main feature in future QotW posts, to favor others that have not had so much exposure.
  • Questions which have been proposed as QotW, but didn't make the cut.
    • These can be used as a starting point for the QotW proposal threads.
    • We should probably start dropping questions off this list after a certain number of failed proposals.
    • Do not include already-featured questions in this list. (i.e.: Proposals that failed one week but were picked up later, questions that got featured as part of another blog post, etc.)
  • It seems like it would be a good idea to have a link to the blog within this post. I don't have editing privileges yet, could someone please add the link? Here it is: security.blogoverflow.com
    – user3488
    Jun 18, 2012 at 4:23

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Already Featured

These questions have already been linked to in existing blog posts, QotW or otherwise. We should avoid making these a primary feature of new blog posts, unless there is a particularly special reason. This way, we give a chance for other questions to get the same attention. Feel free to mention these in newer posts, just not as the main focus.

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