I just saw the area51 proposal scams-phishing-and-malware. Dont we want questions like these on our SE?

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If the question is based around either actual security measures, or business risk analysis...
AND if it's not about your grandmother getting scammed at home...
AND if it's not about "help i got phished quick what do i do"
AND if its more about "business" security -

Then, yes there is room for it here.
However, I do think its a fine line...


Well the proposed site includes non-computer related scams and seems to be focused on the end-user side of things. If the question is "how do I protect my customers from scams, phishing, and malware?" then it would still be better asked here than there.


I agree with AviD. Their proposal appears to be about protecting ones self from identity theft. We can learn from them and they can learn from us, but it looks like a different area/emphasis.

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