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Should we allow malware authors to weigh in on questions?

The title is perhaps more inflammatory than the reality, but I can alter it later. Concerning this answer: to the question "What should you do if you ...
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Should we accept question about making exploit or building malware?

The kind of question I am referring to is a little bit like this one : Malwares source repositories. Where? Question that are around the subject of "How can I make virus/malware/exploit/etc." are ...
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How do we provide value to white and grey hats?

So it's something we're kicking around in chat for a while about a specific question, but I think it goes to the style of the site. We as a community are answering blackhat style questions. Do we ...
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Should we allow questions/answers that appear to include or request exploit code?

I don't speak SQL myself, so I'm not sure if this is a good example, but here is the question that prompted this query: How to exploit the "PHP_MAGIC_QUOTES ON" vulnerability in order to ...
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What determines if a question should be considered Blackhat?

I asked this question recently which got a lot of votes and people thought was interesting, as well as some very interesting answers. It could have been the start of a very interesting discussion, ...
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Downvoting anything that looks like "how do I write malware"

I recently posted a question about methods for preventing alterations to a file or program. A short while after posting, it occurred to me that malware often tries to do that. Sure enough, when I came ...
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Breaking a specific system and How to demonstrate an understanding of concepts involved

I recently noticed that a lot of questions asking for how can I exploit this specific code or filter get closed (but a lot of them also do not get closed) or marked as duplicates of the general topic ...
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Admin keeps deleting my comment on why I voted to close

I voted to close a question on the basis that it's asking for assistance writing malware. An admin seems to disagree strongly with my characterization of the behavior as malware, and: deleted the ...
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Should white hats know methods that can be used by black hats to attack them?

In my opinion to be sure that protection mechanisms work, you should know what attacks can be performed against them. Only if you know techniques that can be used to attack you, you can be sure ...
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Are we allowed to post CVE numbers of reported issues?

A user posted a log entry: Concerning GET request in logs I found an associated CVE of the vulnerability trying to be exploited. Is it okay to post and/or link the CVE number for clarification?
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How far should we go to demonstrate a topic that could be used for harm?

Whilst writing an answer recently, I had to ponder how much of the subject I should demonstrate, in terms of a real exploit scenario. In the case of the answer I wrote, I think that we're relatively ...
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Area 51 - are we covering this proposal?

Regarding Q&As on this subject, if this kind of questions are welcomed here, does this proposal overlapping with our site: Computer Security Hacking ? Top rated examples of questions: How can I ...
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Suspicious Questions

Just wondering some questions I see on seem very destructive. Some questions it's quite obvious what they are trying to do is illegal like "How do I hack my neighbors wifi" ...
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Which question guidelines exist on security stackexchange?

It seems that one should avoid question about cyber security tools (Since it is very opinion based. But is it allowed to ask about how specific popular tools work?), no code reviews, obviously no ...
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Is this question about doing damage on a system ethical and on-topic?

The following question understandably popped up in the Hot Network Questions: I have the ability to run arbitrary Python code on the 'apache' user. What damage can I do? To my surprise, however, it ...
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