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Badge icons (especially gold) have a vertical offset

I noticed that the icons for users with gold + silver + bronze badges are offset vertically from each other. For example: It's difficult to tell if the silver and bronze badges are level (is silver ...
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1 answer

Broken css of "Select your next badge" box

The design of the box below is broken in current Firefox. This makes the filtering line to divide into two and the content of the window overflows. Not sure if this is recent change or it was here ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to lose badges

Is it possible to lose a badge when the statement for recieving stops being true? By this I mean that I get a badge eg. Electorate, but then it becomes false, beacuse 25% of votes are now not on ...
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1 answer

Beta badge - Will it be awarded now that we are live?

I know that some of us already got the beta badge from early stages. Will the badge again be awarded for the rest who have participated?
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Does the badge requirements make sense for a security site?

Considering that this is a lot more niche and has a lot less users than stackoverflow should we reduce some of the requirements for badges e.g. Asked a question with 10,000 views to encourage more ...
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1 answer

Beta badge not shown in count?

When looking to the badges page I see that I would have the beta badge (green checkmark). However, when looking to my badgecount, I don't have any silver badges. Why is this? I see others are having ...
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