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Short answers in comments

Officially, short answers in comments are not allowed. I actually do this quite a lot because: You can help someone out when you don't have time for a full answer. The length of full answers can ...
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Can I discuss someone else's question?

I wanted to post a question but I decided to search if it had been asked before on information security. I found a very similar question with a good answer but I wanted some clarification so I posted ...
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Escaped "tag" in comment no longer escaped after moved to chat

When typing [so] in a comment, it expands to "Stack Overflow" with a link. I used this in a citation, like [so], to abbreviate the citation. Luckily, you guys are great and allow it to be escaped (I ...
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Why the aggressive migration of comments to chat?

Post I'm referring to: What are the differences between credential stuffing and password spraying? I don't recall seeing mods move short discussions from answer comments to chat before. Usually this ...
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Edit comment language

I recently stumbled upon this edit with the following comment 仕方が無い. Which google translate inform me transliterate to Shikata ga nai. While a descriptive comment for the edit performed (correcting ...
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How to nicely incorporate a comment into your answer?

When answering questions, I often receive a comment that makes an important point which should be incorporated into the post. But I'm always a bit unsure how to credit the comment author. I've seen ...
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Autocomment from review ending up on both question and answer

Something rather strange happened recently. An auto comment from the LQP review queue ended up on the question as well as the (now deleted) answer where it belonged: Is this a bug? Some kind of issue ...
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Converting long comment threads to chat hides potentially useful comments

Recently on this question the long comment thread has been converted to a chat log. That would be fine if all comments were indeed irrelevant, but one particular comment added what I would consider ...
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Mention 2 names in one comment

Is it possible to mention 2 names in one comment? For example, I want to write same answer for two people. I tried to do through "," and ";" but it did not work.
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How to mention name with spaces in comments?

For example, we have name "Michael Daemon" - with 1 space. How we can mention this name via "@"?
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Should the way comment posted as answer are handled be improved?

I understand that users with a low reputation are not allowed to comment other people's posts in order to prevent spam, since comments do not bring the posts on the top of the Recently active tab and ...
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How to flag comments answering to already deleted comments?

To take my part in keeping this site clean, I am trying to flag comments when I feel it is appropriate. For instance, in this case, there is a comment "Sure. It's a common mistake." answering to ...
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Understanding Commenting [duplicate]

After being in SE for a while and being on numerous communities this is something that has confused me and I can't seem to find an answer. Since there has been some information on update of SE I ...
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Downvotes, but no idea why!

alright, heres one thing which really bothers me so much, i'd like to throw with thing: Downvotes, without visible reason. i mean, everyone downvotes a bad awnser or question, sure. isnt it a ...
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can a user with 1 reputation in stackexchange comment on another user's question?

I was looking at THIS POST and the first comment to the question caught my eye. The user who made it seems to have 1 reputation. The comments help page says that you need 50 reputation to be able to ...
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Newbies can answer, but not comment, what's a SME to do?

In Unknown Asian/Chinese registry keys, @user27140 described a security concern which @bobince then identified in his answer as a software bug with (apparently) Syncovery. A new-minted user named @...
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