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Community Wiki is a flag that can be applied to answers (and questions) which lowers the barrier for editing and prevents any rep gain/loss from voting.

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1 vote
1 answer

How do you turn a question into a community wiki? (and how do you access them)

I see a lot of 'community' users that appear to both ask questions and answer. How do you create a wiki question, post as a community user, and just generally interact with the 'community wikis'? A ...
3 votes
1 answer

Un - Community Wiki an answer

I wrote this answer and after 10 revisions it went Wiki. Can I make this un-Community Wiki this to collect rep ?
3 votes
1 answer

Why am I being prompted to select an answer for a Community Wiki question?

I have two question posts that were converted to Community Wiki, but the "newbie alert" for answer acceptance still shows up when I see them in my profile. Can this be fixed? Non-OEM Biometric ...
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