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Flag wasn't helpful

I flagged the following post as spam since it wasn't a question at all. Secure file I hope Seems to be copy/paste of text on a Google webpage. Your account, your data. The Google data ...
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Banned from flagging with only 8 declined out of 227

I have just gotten the notice that I am banned from flagging. I have raised 227 flags and have only had 8 declined. In the last week, 3 of my flags have been declined. One I can understand the answer ...
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4 votes
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How did I manage to flag this question twice?

I flagged this question as primarily-opinion based however, it is now showing that I flagged it as a duplicate: along with the original flag. What is happening here?
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Is there a way to cleanly delete links from spam?

All is in the title :). When seeing a spam, it could seem useful to delete the link, make it non-clickable or hide it to ensure that no user will be tempted to click on it. The obvious solution ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Not-constructive flag declined, on highly up-voted moderator comment

This is the comment: First of all you didn't follow their advice - they specifically said a musical artist, of which Bieber is neither. Why is this flag declined?
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Should the way comment posted as answer are handled be improved?

I understand that users with a low reputation are not allowed to comment other people's posts in order to prevent spam, since comments do not bring the posts on the top of the Recently active tab and ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Not constructive flag on comments declined

Why were those 2 not constructive flags declined? First flag Interesting link, thanks Second flag +1 on FDE as practical advice Perhaps the second has some small value, though to me it still ...
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16 votes
1 answer

How to appropriately flag questions for migration?

I have recently flagged some questions for migration, e.g. this one. It was migrated, but my flag was declined with the comment: I suggest migration to the Unix and Linux stackexchange. – jknappen 2 ...
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3 votes
0 answers

What does the state "disputed" means for a flag?

This may be a trivial question, but I cannot figure exactly what the status "disputed" means for a flag: "helpful" means that the flag as been considered as justified and useful for the community, "...
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5 votes
0 answers

How to flag comments answering to already deleted comments?

To take my part in keeping this site clean, I am trying to flag comments when I feel it is appropriate. For instance, in this case, there is a comment "Sure. It's a common mistake." answering to ...
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5 votes
1 answer

A duplicate of question is on other SE site

I have tried to flag a question as duplicate, because it has already an answer, but on other StackExchage site. However, the flag dialog showed error because this answer is not on here on security. ...
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42 votes
6 answers

Can people please be a little less zealous with close votes?

This question currently has 3 flags against it for "primarily opinion based". If you read it, and its edit history, at no point was it opinion based. It is quite clearly asking whether VSTs could ...
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1 answer

Do people get points for marking things duplicate?

I've always wondered how clearly non-duplicate, yet related questions get marked as duplicate. If someone asks what is the difference between X and Y, its different than asking what is the question ...
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1 vote
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Please provide Off-Topic alternative site options [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Building our own migration list Right now, you can only suggest moving off-topic questions to Meta. Can we get some options for moving questions to SuperUser, ServerFault, ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Building our own migration list [duplicate]

Now we've graduated from beta, wouldn't it be time for us to set our migration list? I would propose: of-course superuser serverfault webapps math / theoretical.cs / stackoverflow ...
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