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Concern: Can users post any image or link while asking questions on site?

It's a serious concern that while asking questions anybody can post any link or image(may be malicious). What would happen if any user open that malicious link or image file? So my question is : Is ...
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Where do we want to stand on GDPR questions?

I know that GDPR does not technically introduce any new controls that do not already exist in other existing regulations, but where do we want to draw the boundaries, if any, on GDPR questions? We ...
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13 votes
2 answers

X company has requested a scan of my passport

People I know IRL sometimes ask me for advice on security/privacy matters. Something that comes up fairly often is "X company just asked for a scan of my passport" - what should I do? It would be ...
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Would a question on how Facebook decided to suggest a friend on topic?

This question says that topics on privacy and anonymity are on topic. However my question would specifically be presenting facts on the how I met an individual and then how Facebook on the next day ...
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Recommanded method of exchange with private information

When analyzing network or security problems we are often pushed to ask details about the original problem which are more or less private. As a practical example, this question on Ask Different VMWARE ...
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Is EXIF data scrubbed from images uploaded to all Stackexchange sites?

Suppose I upload a picture taken from a digital camera onto SE... is my privacy protected and is all EXIF data scrubbed from StackExchange?