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how does qotw author selection process takes place? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Requests for Question of The Week blog posts I recently registered for qotw author selection event in DMZ room, before participating in it, I have seen many questions on meta ...
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Requests for Question of The Week blog posts

Since starting the Security Stack Exchange Blog on 15 July 2011 we have some excellent blog posts, and a large number of these are from our Question of the Week posts. Going forwards, it is probably ...
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Question of the Week Timeline

I had some thoughts for improving our QotW process, in terms of timeline. Currently, the timeline is: Question selection: ASAP (Relative to posting of QotW meta question) Author selection: Midday ...
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Lists of Featured & Proposed Blog Questions

I wanted to throw this up so that we have a place to list proposed Question of the Week Blog posts, for future reference. This question should have two CW answers: Questions which have been featured ...
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Top Question Of The Week #1

QOTW has worked exceptionally well for SU (check out this post)so we're stealing their format for Security.SE to add a regular feature to our brand new blog! Week 1 of the "Top Question" in Security ...
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