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Congratulations to Polynomial

Somehow @Polynomial managed to quietly get up to 120k without many folks noticing! 4th out of our 180,000 members, with nearly 1000 answers and 65 questions! Congratulations!
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Congratulations to Schroeder for hitting 100k

Congratulations to @Schroeder for hitting 100k! Our 5th 100k-er He not only manages to be the most active moderator on Sec.SE, but also has answered over 1500 questions Well done!
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Do I have -3823 rep change?

Currently my user page contains: <a class="youarehere" href="/users/5133/curiousguy?tab=reputation" title=...
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Congratulations to our third 100k member of Sec.SE (first human member...)

Congratulations to Steffen Ullrich who has just passed 100k! Like the Great and Little Bears before him, this is no small feat! With over 2000 answers, one with 431 upvotes, and four with over 100 ...
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Reputation cap and Process of applying cap

I've noticed there is a reputation cap of 200 per day max. Let's assume a question/answer gaining reputation more than 200 in a day, then believe the cap will limit the reputation to 200. And let's ...
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1 point deducted when I down voted an answer

I guess I am missing a point here. So I down voted an answer and now this answer has -3 reputation. Can somebody explain why my point is deducted? This is the link
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Understanding Commenting [duplicate]

After being in SE for a while and being on numerous communities this is something that has confused me and I can't seem to find an answer. Since there has been some information on update of SE I ...
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Lost reputation because “user was removed”

I have received several downvotes from unknown users recently. What is it, and am I the only one experiencing that ?
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1 answer

Why no negative reputation?

Following this debacle I remembered that people can't get downvoted past 1. Why is that? Surely a negative number would be a good thing. Perhaps not so much on brand new members who perhaps haven't ...
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Reputation gets reduced for inactivity?

I had a reputation score of 1003 but today I found it to be 994, without being down-voted. I admit it's some time before I had any activity but will this bring a penalty? Any other reasons I could ...
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Is reputation the same between meta and main?

Although I have no reputation activity on meta (my reputation tab says "There aren't yet any reputation changes to show"), I still see the same reputation score here as I do on security.stackexchange....
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