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Posting details about potential security issues

Inspired by this question, I wrote this comment: "I would like to know if this [bit of code I am posting on a publicly accessible SEO-optimized website as part of a high-visibility Hot Network ...
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Concern: Can users post any image or link while asking questions on site?

It's a serious concern that while asking questions anybody can post any link or image(may be malicious). What would happen if any user open that malicious link or image file? So my question is : Is ...
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Why http and not https? [duplicate]

All stackexchange sites use http by default. When i checked to update my email address, that was too sent on http. Why stackexchange doesn't use https for at least user data?
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Is security.stackexchange vulnerable to session hijacking?

I'm logged in to security.stackexchange and I'm not using https to browse the site. Does this mean that the site is vulnerable to session hijacking? I assume that it's not, but I don't get how ...
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