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OWASP Conference Sponsorship

In the spirit of this post, and several others on this site and on the SE blog, I'd like to see if SEI and ITsec can sponsor the upcoming OWASP regional conference, in Israel (in September). A while ...
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Site promotion suggestions

Update as of May 26th: We need more users and more questions. But there's no lack of competence, after all, 99% of all questions have a answer and we have a answer ratio of 3.0. But we only have 5.4 ...
13 votes
3 answers

Should we sponsor OWASP again?

We received an email from the OWASP conference inviting us to sponsor them again, this time for their Austin, TX conference in October. As far as industry events go, we're pretty sure this is a good ...
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Promoting IT Security at the Black Hat Conference

Update: I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow for the conference. The briefings start on Wednesday Aug 3. I'll have security.SE t-shirts that I'll be giving away at the conference, and I'll do my best to tweet ...
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Which OWASP Project should SEI support?

Consequently to this post - OWASP Conference Sponsorship - SEI has graciously agreed to not only sponsor the conference, but to become full OWASP Corporate Members too! According to the membership ...
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