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Questions tagged [tag-wiki]

Tag wikis are a general introduction to a topic defined by a tag.

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1 vote
0 answers

Is it OK to edit multiple tag wikis, adding excerpts only?

I have been editing a lot of tag wikis lately. I have focused on writing short definitions for tags without a wiki. This is in general tags with few questions. Since this is a rather quick thing to do,...
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62 votes
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Please do not dump Wikipedia into tag wikis

Please do not populate tag wikis by copying text from Wikipedia. Reviewers, please reject tag wiki suggestions that are copied from Wikipedia or other sources, or more generally that suggest content ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Including tag-wiki and tag-wiki guidelines in FAQ?

I suggest that tag-wikis and guidelines for writing great tag wikis should be included in the FAQ for all the users to see.I am aware that the link to this blog post is provided on the edit-tag-wiki ...
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2 votes
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Bullet points and external links in tag wikis?

I recently edited a tag wiki and it was rejected. I accept that the wiki did not explain when to use the tag and I could have done better. But one of the reasons given for rejecting the edit was ...
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