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Should questions related to government surveillance programs be tagged with [surveillance]

Right now, there are a few questions on the subject, including: Single point of failure: can US government requests for passwords be a vector for attack? Is there any security benefit of not using ...
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I want to create the browser-extensions tag. Is that OK?

There are quite a lot of questions about browser extensions and add-ons. However, there's no tag dedicated to them. I want to create and add the browser-extensions tag to the relevant questions. ...
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Public key cryptography tags

As far as I can tell, there are currently no tags related to public key cryptography (public-key, private-key, public-key-cryptography), and I'm not able to add tags yet. Should these be added? Edit: ...
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How do I tag correctly when posting a new question

When posting a question, or when updating tags, the FAQ suggests I Check the list of existing tags Read the tag wiki to understand what each means How do I do this?
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Will there be a problem with the [ios] tag?

So people are already using [ios] to talk about the iPhone/iPad operating system, which makes sense. However, as this is a security site, I imagine some people will want to talk about IOS, the Cisco ...
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Duplicated tags: forensic and forensics. Can we merge them?

It's possibile to merge these two tags? Theyr meaning is the same. Also: do you think it would be more appropriate to use the long version "computer-forensics"?
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Which tags should I use on question about "version tracking"?

In the spirit of this thread, I would like to know if I tagged this question correctly. I've tagged it as security-awareness, as I think being aware of major updates and security issues of piece of ...
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How should we tag questions about {subject}?

Straight from #3 on the-7-essential-meta-questions-of-every-beta, can we get a description of tags and actively work to collapse and edit tags before they get out of hand? The best way to ...
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