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No, we do not need them. Yes, please remove them. While I (like everybody else) love XKCD, there is no need for it in chat. If I want to read it, I know where to find it. (Plus, it should be read together with the title which is not posted in chat.) The blog feed is at least a bit more on topic, but nine times out of ten it is just promotion of something I ...


The de facto practice on this site (and for most of SE) has always been to remove comments. They are absolutely considered temporary, and only useful if they help an answer get updates or edits for clarification. Those comments were not useful at all - Motivated added basically the same comment to every post, which just adds noise, especially as the comment ...


The purpose of comments is to request clarity or provide information that should then cause a post to be updated. Comments are not for anything permanent. If mods have time when deleting comments or moving them to chat we will keep highly voted comments longer than others, but generally if there is a long thread that gets flagged to us we move it to chat ...


I think DMZ is more appropriate; it donotes a place between the wide open internet and the protected internal network. Honeypot denotes a attractive target that appears to have value but is a decoy to distract attackers from the targets of real value.

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