I noticed that I'm third in the query results, so let me explain what happens (in my case, and probably in @tripleee's case as well). I often visit Security.SE after a report of a possible spam post in Charcoal HQ. I flag said post as spam, but I also often downvote it. Of the 195 downvotes I've cast so far, only 36 remain (the other posts have been deleted);...


Investigation Thanks for bringing this up and providing some good statistics to work from! 5% of downvotes come from 10 users who have fewer than 10 recent posts on this site. I think this is the really interesting statistic here. It could indicate a problem, but it could also be perfectly fine. To investigate, I took a look at those users and some ...


I fail to see a problem here too. Judging if a question or answer is valueable is easier than providing a new answer or ask an original question. This becomes even harder as the site and the pool of existing questions grows.


This is absolutely not going to happen. It has been discussed many times on meta.se and the cons far outweigh the pros. These include revenge voting, leveraging pressure, general nastiness etc. We can encourage people to comment, but can't force them to. It costs rep to down vote so they are doing so for a reason. It can be harder identifying that reason if ...


That is not downvotes. A user that upvoted one of your answers was deleted from the system - with them, the reputation given by them has also gone. This happens to other people too - you are not alone.


You loose rep for down-voting answers. It is used as a deterrent; it discourages unnecessary down-votes, or down-votes that are in your own self-interest rather than the interest of the community. Down-voting questions, on the other hand, looses you no rep at all. You can see this answer here about it, and the policy on voting down here


If there is a serial downvoter, then the automatic systems in StackExchange will deal with it.


If the person's posts were deleted, then you would be credited for the +1's for the votes that no longer exists. It's not that they were turned into upvotes...


The issue you have reduced it to is: minimal changes the core was unchanged almost word-for-word identical And then you asked if a deletion and repost is acceptable. I would separate those two things logically because you are co-mingling the issues. The question you should be asking is "when could it be acceptable?" Frankly, I do not believe that your ...

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