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How did I manage to flag this question twice?

It isn't showing that you flagged as a duplicate. It's showing that you flagged for recommended closure, and this disables both flagging as “should be closed” and flagging as a duplicate. “Duplicate” ...
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Is there a way to cleanly delete links from spam?

The clean way to delete links from spam is to ensure that the spam post gets deleted as soon as possible. To do this, flag as spam. Six spam flags (or a single one from a moderator) delete the post, ...
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Flag wasn't helpful

It's not spam, for one. The question appears to be (from the title) if the file that was created by the process is secure. Secondly, even if it was spam mods should only be informed if something ...
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Banned from flagging with only 8 declined out of 227

These sorts of things are automated so I can't give you any useful info beyond the guidance to wait. Of those though, I'd have to say neither flag should have been raised. Yes, they seem like low ...
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