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From this question: Is this site limited to discussions of electronic security? it would seem like questions regarding security in terms of physical information assets are allowed. A passport has Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in it, and people would be interested in the security aspect of it's transportation.


A post on Stack Exchange can contain a link to any website. This is no different from any other website. Like pretty much any website with externally contributed content, even if you trust the site owners, you can't trust all the contributors. A post on Stack Exchange can embed images. Those images can be hosted on any website. Images are normally not ...


I'm in two minds on this. From my own perspective, working in a heavily regulated industry, I know it doesn't materially change any of our privacy related work - it just increases the level of controls required, and clarifies some of the detail. But for many other industries, and for small companies, GDPR is really the first key driver they have in the ...


Yes, it appears so. At least basic tools find no EXIF data, I haven't dug in with specialized forensic tools. The image is also recompressed. $ exif IMG_20131019_163230.jpg # the original image (taken by my phone camera) EXIF tags in 'IMG_20131019_163230.jpg' ('Intel' byte order): --------------------+--------------------------------------------------------...


Easy to test, I just uploaded a small picture taken with my phone, and ran exiv2 on it: File name : sample.jpg File size : 23428 Bytes MIME type : image/jpeg Image size : 204 x 153 Camera make : SAMSUNG Camera model : GT-I9300 ... Then I uploaded it here: The md5sum differs, and the file does not seem contain any Exif data: ...


It doesn't have anything to do with security or privacy. One may not like the way Facebook works, but when you sign up to Facebook on your phone you give them permission to read all your contacts. You may not like that level of privacy invasion, but you did agree to it - not on topic here.


Stack Exchange is built on the idea that all the information is made public (except who voted for what). They even frown on private chat rooms. Thus, the best practice for private or sensitive information is to abstain from publishing it. Instead, what really rocks in answers is to explain diagnosis methodology and tools, so that the owner of the ...


I suggest removing the parts (by taping them before scanning) that are not necessary to match your picture with your name, i.e. the password and serial numbers. Ask the party requesting the password scan about the purpose of this to figure out which parts are essential to them, why they would need them, how they would store the scan and when they would ...


There is no system that inspects links. Users must beware.

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