They are not off topic as such - the best thing to do, and what usually happens with these 'bandwagon' questions, is to flag as duplicate, and we'll close 'em as dupes. The general answer usually works for all these specific ones.


I'd definitely recommend Robert's answer in many cases, however if the separate parts of a question are very disparate, don't make separate answers - split them off into separate questions. In your example given, it makes perfect sense to create 2 questions and not just that single broad one. Then you can answer each question precisely.


I'd recommend against it. We have formatting tools for a reason. Often times it's better to find an article(or write one), post a link to it, and give bullet points with enough information that they could read the bullet points and get the general idea. There have been some lengthy answers before, but if split up properly, correctly, and in a good manner a ...


I think this is beyond a bandwagon question. This site is potentially a great resource but ill designed to treat it as such because of its individual question focus thus the is X to Y nature of the questions. I am impressed by the update to the Tag which include the CVEs and suggest we consider placing other references in that tag to consolidate information ...

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