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"Digital Forensics" — on topic here, or create a separate site?

I would definitely say there is an overlap in terms of what is on topic. I've even found some similar questions on our site : How to identify the presence of rootkits from an image of Linux memory? ->...
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Is it acceptable to ask for software recommendations?

No, this is specifically not allowed in the FAQ. Your proposed question is also highly opinion-based. There is a software recommendations stack. Be sure to read their question guidelines. You can't ...
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Tamper data in Chrome question closed

Could you please explain me... how a question about an extension, used for tampering data by many of security experts, is not related to a QA site on Information Security. If that question has to ...
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Is it acceptable to ask for software recommendations?

As @schroeder says, this is not allowed and is opinion-based. However, what you can do instead is ask for criteria that should be considered when choosing such a product, and how to compare. For ...
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Is this question about doing damage on a system ethical and on-topic?

I think the question is on topic, ethical and useful. If you find a vulnerability on your system you need to do these things: Make a decision if you should take down the app immediately. Figure out ...
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Are code obfuscation techniques off topic on this site?

Depending on the details of the question, I'd say that the techniques for how to code something falls under a "programming" question and not a security question. Questions dealing with the impact or ...
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Are questions about interacting with users on-topic

From the description, it can be on-topic but the concern will be if it is too opinion-based. Post it and let's see.
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Breaking a specific system and How to demonstrate an understanding of concepts involved

IMHO its rubbish, there are three problems here, the first is that there is a large number of users that don't recognize that offensive skills are useful for defense, the closing of offensive ...
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