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SE fully allows anonymity in users' public profiles, so that side of things is not an issue here, however there are things you can do: if their posts are poor quality, flag them. Mods will sort them out if their profile is actually offensive in some way you can also let the mods know


Yes, flag or vote to close as duplicate - try to assume best intentions rather than trolling. We'll have a look wider just in case, but the community can at least close these easily.


"it seems to be the general consensus that just the fact that I decided to view all of UserY's answers means that I am 'targeting' that user" By your own admission, you are. The question seems to be if that's a bad thing. Look, the automated systems got triggered, and the trigger was not wrong. I am not sure where the threshold is, but at some point, you ...


We do not ban users because their account lacks transparency. My profile picture is of an anime character. I choose to add personal details, but there is no necessity for it from SE's perspective. Facebook requires transparency because the expectation is that the account can be tied to a verifiably real person, due to the social network element to their ...


From the description, it can be on-topic but the concern will be if it is too opinion-based. Post it and let's see.

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