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I noticed that I'm third in the query results, so let me explain what happens (in my case, and probably in @tripleee's case as well). I often visit Security.SE after a report of a possible spam post in Charcoal HQ. I flag said post as spam, but I also often downvote it. Of the 195 downvotes I've cast so far, only 36 remain (the other posts have been deleted);...


Investigation Thanks for bringing this up and providing some good statistics to work from! 5% of downvotes come from 10 users who have fewer than 10 recent posts on this site. I think this is the really interesting statistic here. It could indicate a problem, but it could also be perfectly fine. To investigate, I took a look at those users and some ...


I fail to see a problem here too. Judging if a question or answer is valueable is easier than providing a new answer or ask an original question. This becomes even harder as the site and the pool of existing questions grows.


If a post helps you understand security better, or know how to protect yourself better, then why not give it an upvote? If it's way out of your understanding, abstaining is a safe bet. But to be honest, we have a large knowledgeable community here, so if you upvote something that is wrong, it will get downvoted, so don't worry.


The primary reason for voting isn't to reward the person answering; nor to confirm that high-reputation users necessarily write better answers. The primary reason for voting is to identify a high-quality answer. Your signal (upvote or downvote) is seen by the OP, and seen by future visitors to the site: who may not know about the subject, and/or who want to ...


Thats a good question, and I have struggled with it myself. How you vote is up to you and I do not want to tell you how and when to vote, but these are my informal guidelines for upvoting answer to questions where I do not have the knowledge to to assess if the answer is correct or not: If there seems to be some controversy (in comments, other contradictory ...

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