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Константин Ван
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A failed engineer with a bit of suspected autism.

Took up Adobe ActionScript at 8, C at 12. Have fiddled with Adobe Flash, Minecraft Bukkit plug-ins, Chrome extensions, progressive web apps, WebAudio, WebAssembly, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, Ethereum, Debian, OpenGL, OpenCV, and native Node.js add-ons.

I speak fluent Korean and basic English, Japanese, Indonesian/Malay, and Mandarin Chinese.

Gripping my mouse horizontally, clicking and scrolling with my thumb, since childhood. Failing to socialize, computer/VR games and anime were the only enjoyments available. Developed a decent voice at 17. Short and skinny. Trying to gain muscles and be social. Mildly depressed.

Used to participate in CTFs and wargames, online and offline. Have been rewarded a few hundred bucks for finding out some trivial reflected cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, and 1 ether by Guerrilla Mail (“by Mr. Flashmob”) for discovering a vulnerability in the implementation that allows to access the SMTP (RFC 5321) postmaster e-mail account through valid-yet-unusual “double-quoted” postmaster e-mail addresses.

Currently building a rapid pick-and-place machine to hopefully start a business out of it, with SolidWorks, Altium Designer, Bambu studio, PlatformIO on Microsoft Visual studio Code, AliExpress’ surge protector, residual-current circuit breaker, solid-state relays, switches, vacuum pump, direct-acting solenoid valves, Juki nozzles, terminal blocks, MEAN WELL’s power supplies, Misumi’s DIN rail, EMI filter, aluminum extrusions, spring insertion nuts, pulleys, polyurethane timing belt, stainless-steel linear rail, photointerrupter, polyurethane tubes, pneumatic fittings, Raspberry Pi Pico W, ADI Trinamic’s TMC2209, and Mitsubishi’s 400-watt AC servomotors & servo drives.

Isolated. Depressed out of prolonged loneliness throughout the entire adolescence and adulthood. In FOMO for years. Living alone for 7 years with a cast-iron skillet and a 15-or-so-year-old cat; doing all time-consuming housework by myself. The items at home are all well-organized in labeled airtight storage boxes because of my unsettled nomadic life moving the habitat every other year. Self-taught with trial-and-errors in this demanding world; nobody, including the parents, was kind enough to teach me. Rarely drinking alcohol although once interested in mixology; keeping some aged liquors to remind their fragrances, whiskey being the favorite. Never smoking; only once so far when I was a middle-schooler and my dad got a new electronic cigarette. Staying hydrated with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drinking more than thirty liters a month. Severely nearsighted with astigmatism; requires −8 (left) and −7 (right) diopters to correct. Right-handed. Suffering migraines preceded by a scintillating scotoma once or twice a month.

— May 1 & June 15–18, 2024.

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