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Ryan Stone
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I Like Creating ArtWork to put on DeviantArt & learning about Coding & Animation.

SquidCannonArmed on DeviantArt
Art4Coding Group on Facebook

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By-Day i'm a Sleeping Ninja, Space explorer with a biased towards avoiding the washing up, cleaning my room, or commiting to anything other than sleep, metal-detecting, cycling or finding woods & forest's to roam...

By-Night i'm a coffee Merchant, Assasin, self-taught programmer who works for the Pleidian resistance against the evil war-mongers of the galaxy. Designing new interfaces an UI designs for the weapons systems of the Resistance fleets, over-eating Duck & Hoisin Sauce, Satay Chicken, Beer & Nachoes....

I love Women, books, Design, sleep, food, movies & cycling... But not necessarily in tht order. I Have 2 family's, 1 Cat, and a spider.

My pet rock, died last week. So I'm a little upset.

My favourite color is either Green or purple/blue and I'm fairly undecisive unless its to do with the Sun, a beach, duck or sex.

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