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I'm a Software Engineer with MSc in Computer Science. I currently work in Financial Markets and Banking as a Software and Business Analyst. I have a minor in Computer Engineering, which I completely neglected during college. Now I'm trying to catch up. But mostly I consider myself just a hobbyist trying to teach myself electronics.

Things I like the most in electronics:

  1. To design and etch my own PCBs at home (mostly with thru-role components, with an occasional SMD part to spice things up)
  2. To play with the oscilloscope
  3. To light up LEDs and 7-segment displays
  4. To gut toy RC cars and redo their electronics
  5. To organize my electronics components into neat boxes
  6. To browse questions and answers here at EE.SE and to edit posts to make them shine (when I can, that is, but I'm especially fond of fixing equations formatting using MathJaX)
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