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Over 25 Years of software engineering expertise in a wide variety of fields including:
- High-Performance Storage Systems
- CPU Manufacturing Diagnostics
- Office Automation
- Banking / Finance / Insurance
- Embedded Engineering
- Materials Handling
- Plant Floor Automation
- Military Command and Control / Battlespace Management / Situational Awareness
- Health Care
- Medical Devices
- Video Games

Specialties include:
- Debugging complex problems
- Seeing the forest AND the trees
- Object oriented analysis, design and implementation

Fluent in stateless, scalable, transaction-based client and server side web development; event-driven programming, multi-process programming and multi-threaded programming under all flavors of Windows, Linux, OS X, OS/2, QNX and VMS; real-time programming using C/C++ under QNX; and 80c86, 6502 & 6809 Assembly Languages.

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